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It is a great year for the horse. It is a very strong Yang year for the energetic horses. Coming from the previous year's hard working, it is a year of harvest. However, it is important to remember that every thing contains its latent opposite. 

Yearly Synopsis:
Finance: Money is not going to be a big problem for the horses. If there is a money problem, it has to belong to some one else. It is absolutely amazing that the horses are going to do very well in their investments this coming year. However, there are two possible pitfalls. One is the expense, in the modern society, we tend to pre-spend what we are expecting to make. This kind of spending habits can throw the harvest into the wind. The other is to form joint venture. There is a big chance that most of the horses will end up pick the wrong partner and miss their better  financial opportunity. It is best to trust your own instinct and judgment. 
Career: The careerists might have many excellent chances to improve their professional out look.  Please remain to be diligent and be humble in your work place. No matter what is your job, you need to remember that it is the small people around you make who you are. You are so successful, you can afford to be nice to anyone! The water always carries the boats. Its the sailors flip the boats and drown themselves!  
Romance: The horses are going to have very colorful year in the romance department. Maybe the best advice is to be natural. Do not push anything. Particularly for ladies, you
should allow yourself to be seen in the public as much as possible. Make it a priority higher than date. Your time will be well spent. 

Your yearly advice in short: be cool and enjoy

Your monthly discussion will soon follow.


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