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Everything is going to the right direction. You will have good opportunity for both your career and personal life. Work hard and grab the opportunities!.

Yearly Synopsis:
Finance: You will be very likely to receive and give away good amount of money this year. In both relatively fixed (salary, pension etc.) and volatile (stocks or other investments) income categories, you will receive more than you have originally expected. You will expect to increase your business and tax expenses, charity and other gift giving. You may also encounter accidental loss. However, be generous in your gift giving will avoid or decrease your chance of accidental loss. Spend a little extra in business will be good for you. 'Dress for success' does not limit to your clothing. The boarder meaning of 'dress' includes every thing that your customer will see about you. 
Career: An easy smooth successful year is an understatement for your career. You will hardly encounter any obstacles at work place. It is a good year to enrich your career. Take a class, improve your relationship with your boss, coworkers and subordinates. Make sure you do not blow yourself away for the tremendous amount of enjoyment at work.   
Romance: Are you wondering if it is the right time to ask the question? It is. It is a good year to move forward for the dog in the romantic department. If you are already happily married, you should make an opportunity to show your spouse that how much you are in love as you always have been. 

Your yearly advice in short: Work very hard.

Your monthly discussion will soon follow.


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