The Gua number, an calculation of a person's auspicious and inauspicious directions base on birth time, is a branch of eight mansion theory. Such basic calculation is intend for people to aware and avoid the inauspicious directions. There are 9 Gua numbers, representing eight different directions and number 5 representing the middle. 

Gua #Your Gua number, base on your time of birth and gender, indicates one single most auspicious area. After this one area is determined, three additional "assistant" areas are calculated. This gives you four auspicious area in which you should conduct most of  your life's activities. 

What if your Gua number is 5? As shown on the Gua number diagram, your best area is middle. In this case, how is your auspicious directions determined? The number 5 in the context of Gua number, has the character of earth. The element of earth, together with your gender is used to determine your auspicious directions. 

In new age practices, the Gua number 5 is simplified. For female, it is replaced by number 8. For male, Gua number 5 is replaced by number 2. Although this simplifications give the same auspicious and inauspicious directions as our calculation using the traditional eight mansion FengShui, the individual interpretation of the meaning might not be correct. If you just want to locate the "good and bad" section of the house, there is no harm using new age method. However, if you intend to activate specific sector, you should use use the calculation on this web site. 

If you would like to manually calculate your Gua number by hand, Lillian Too has a nice and easy to follow illustration, featured by our book club.