Each Gua in the Bagua is associated with one direction. This is only determined by the nature of the individual Gua. It is called Xian Tian ( pronounce as sch-an, tee-an). It means pre-birth or natural Bagua. Natural Bagua is often used to evaluate a house or apartment before it is occupied or the resident cannot be known. For example, a new apartment complex or a hotel. 

natual baguaThe image on the left shows the directions of natural Bagua. As any ordinary map or directions, the North is pointing up. These directions are the directions of nature. It does not change except for one thing. If you are in the southern hemisphere, you need to rotate this image by 180 degrees. 
Because the natural Bagua has this static character, we can associate each direction to a Gua. Each Gua is associated with one of the five elements. Therefore, each direction is associated with one of the five elements.