direction name in plain English

traditional Chinese name


Stimulation birth of Chi Positive diffusion of Chi. It gives you high spirit and energy particularly strong in leadership. Sexually demanding.
Success elongate  years Positive absorption of Chi. It makes you easy to be with, comfortable about your life, patient, persuasive and appreciated. 
Content heavenly doctor Positive communication of Chi. It makes you feel comfortable about life. It is a stable, healthy influence and reduces worry 
Calm submit position Smoothly diffusion of Chi. Keep high sensitively on money but put family first. Men influenced by this direction are usually good to their partner. However, too much influence can reduce sexual drive. 
Depression end of life Chaotic absorption of Chi. It may cause worry, down in mood, lack of motivation. Person who is heavily influenced by this direction, should be very aware of mental health. 
lonely five ghosts Violently upward Chi. It may cause a person to be irritable and not appreciated by others.
weak disaster and harm Erosive communication of Chi. It dominate your life with trivial, useless work. It may cause fatigue and bad stomach. May cause the feeling of lacking of confidence, power or motivation. 
destructive six devils Destructive downward of Chi. It causes a lots of problems and bad judgments. Be aware of the influence of alcohol or gambling.