Make last minute Fengshui Balanced gift with candles

One handy and easy to assemble last minute gifts for fourth of July with a personal touch is FengShui balanced candles.  Good quality candles are always welcome for people of all ages and background. With a little touch, it may look like it is something well thought ahead of time and specifically prepared.

First, count how many sets of gifts you need. For each set of gift, you will need three candles, one 1 by 12 inch hunter green wrapping, one rice card paper with envelope and some house hold serene wrap. You can also add some optional  small items you come to run into such as a mug, a little flag or some silk flowers. You may want to pick up a letter stamp that is the initial of your family name (optional). Since it is last minute shopping, make sure you come home with what ever you have and do not waste your time in stores.

The candle you select can be any type. Votives are inexpensive to buy and easy to find.  Select the candle color navy blue, white and red for fourth of July. You can buy one big sheet of hunter green gift wrapping paper at any store or use the left over you have from Christmas. The rice card paper can be located at the stationery section in a department store, museum gift store or office supply store. If you cannot find rice paper, select the card paper that comes with yellow or light brown envelope.

Prepare your candle bundle: combine one red, blue, white candle regardless of scent or type. Stand the candles on their end together and wrap with a thin wrap of serene wrap so they will be stable. Cur off the extra wrap. Wrap one wrap of hunter green paper around it, overlap about one half to one inch. Instead of using tape, use melted warm wax to hold the paper together.

Prepare your personalized card: Open any images (photos are usually very welcomed) you have on your computer. Re-size it to the 7 by 10 inches for full sized card paper and 3.5 by 4.5 inches for half sized card paper.  Allow the program to distort the image if it is needed. Add any personal messages. Print and fold your card. Insert the card in the envelope and seal it with warm wax.

Optional extra touch: If you have a wood stamp or engraved family initials or you can carve one out of a carrot, you can add a wax seal on the flap of the envelope. Melt the wax that is slightly darker than the envelope. Cool it a little after it is melted, use a quarter tea spoon to put wax out side the flap of the envelope. Wait until it is almost start to harden, press the stamp on and hold firm for three seconds. When remove the stamp, make sure you are not moving side ways. put the candle bundle and envelope together, you have a nice unique gift. Add a small item to make it even better.