The co-existence of Yin and Yang presents in everywhere and every subject. It needs to be understand in three ways. 

  • Yin and Yang relies on each other in existence because they are relative characters. The Yin is defined as what is not Yang. Yang is defined as what is not Yin. Well, this might sound like one is chasing its own tail, it is what the Yin-Yang philosophy is about.

  • Yin is inside Yang and Yang is inside Yin. Inside Yin is where Yang incubated and generated. When Yin is extremely strong and elongated, it becomes Yang. Yin is inside Yang. The ultimate Yang character becomes Yin. There is no forever Yin or Yang. There is no absolute Yin or Yang. The Yin and Yang change is like four seasons. The hottest summer days are the harbinger of upcoming winter. Yin and Yang are also like day and night. People say that the darkest moment of night is right before down. It is important to realize that although the Yin character becomes more evident when at the ultimate Yang, Yin exists in all type of Yang and vise versa.

  • Yin-Yang needs to mate. The need to mate is not only exist in animals. It is not only in the sense of sexual intercourse either. It is the need for companionship of one and another and the longing for each other. It motives the movement towards each other. It is the strong desire of becoming one.